We are proud of our track record at OsierCarbon. We’ve built relationships where they count; for access to land and a workforce in Haiti we have agreements with local communities, local governments and the federal government.

To secure funding, our HQ is in London and our commercial team has a combined 30 years corporate sales experience, particularly in high carbon sectors and Fortune 500 companies.

Our projects demonstrate we can get the government backing we need to access land, our operations team has organised infrastructure and a workforce to plant trees in cooperation with the communities, and our commercial team has consistently raised the money required to fund our efforts.


Sustainability is core to OsierCarbon-financially, socially and of course, environmentally.

Ideally, no business should run without operating to these core values.

Environment sustainability: Our core business is planting trees. This isn’t merely sustainable, but improves the environment. Our secondary business, based on the productizing the plantations, will be environmentally responsible as well.

Social sustainability: One of the really motivating themes we’ve encountered when dealing with the Haitian Environment and Agriculture Ministers has been their overriding concern that our projects benefit the local populations. This aligns with a key value of ours and gives us confidence our vision can be implemented. Jobs, training and new infrastructure are all part of our model, and are why the community of Leogane is so happy to have us.

Financial sustainability: OsierCarbon was born out of the intersection of our ability to supply a solution to a growing concern in the world: mitigating climate change. By providing the best offset/CSR programs available, we will drive demand for a product we believe in, creating a profitable, equitable business that benefits all stakeholders.

We can only realise our dream of reforesting Haiti by providing an excellent product to our clients-and we will.


OsierCarbon aims to make a profit. We will use our income to pay wages, company tax, buy equipment and services from Haitians, and spread the benefits of our operations far beyond the act of reforestation. With our profit, we commit to our own CSR programs, which will be focused on spreading knowledge about tree husbandry, good cultivation practices, and a fruit tree planting program of our own to benefit local communities.

We’ll use our profits to build and run community infrastructure in areas we work, for example schools and medical centres. By developing a profitable business model, we can commit to being in Haiti for the long term. We can spread the benefits of business as wide as possible, over decades.


Haiti is one of the highest recipients of foreign aid in the world. When we tell senior politicians and government officials that we’re not another charity, but a business, they sigh with relief. The efforts of the aid workers are to be applauded but when the donations run out, so do the programs.

What Haiti really needs is an economy that provides for itself. OsierCarbon is about creating a product in Haiti (carbon offsets/CSR programs) and selling it to the wider world-a world which is demanding such products in increasing amounts.

This creates an export market that wasn’t there before, provides jobs, training and long-term cash flow. As long as the business is viable, we will operate.

With the cooperation we’re receiving from all levels of government and community, we’re confident we’ll be in Haiti for a long time.


From its nursery in Leogane, OsierCarbon can plant up to 30,000 trees a week if required.

We have the ability to source, prepare, transport and plant trees in any quantity, and a track record of implementing these programs quickly, safely, and well.

We have plans to develop another nursery in East Haiti so we can service both sides of the country more effectively, and attend to multiple projects simultaneously.