Sustainability is core to OsierCarbon-financially, socially and of course, environmentally.

Ideally, no business should run without operating to these core values.

Environment sustainability: Our core business is planting trees. This isn’t merely sustainable, but improves the environment. Our secondary business, based on the productizing the plantations, will be environmentally responsible as well.

Social sustainability: One of the really motivating themes we’ve encountered when dealing with the Haitian Environment and Agriculture Ministers has been their overriding concern that our projects benefit the local populations. This aligns with a key value of ours and gives us confidence our vision can be implemented. Jobs, training and new infrastructure are all part of our model, and are why the community of Leogane is so happy to have us.

Financial sustainability: OsierCarbon was born out of the intersection of our ability to supply a solution to a growing concern in the world: mitigating climate change. By providing the best offset/CSR programs available, we will drive demand for a product we believe in, creating a profitable, equitable business that benefits all stakeholders.

We can only realise our dream of reforesting Haiti by providing an excellent product to our clients-and we will.