Our Goals

Our Goals

Our goal is to be a profitable company that has a tangible benefit on the environment and economy of Haiti, whilst producing excellent CSR/offsetting outcomes for our clients.

We aim to do this in three ways:

Our fundamental mission is to reforest Haiti. We will re-plant the entire island with several varieties of trees. This will create a giant carbon sink, halt soil erosion, and restore the natural beauty of the country.

Second, we will create new economic activity and employment prospects by productizing our forests by creating secondary industries based on the various varieties of trees we plant. We will transfer our expertise in tree husbandry to local farmers to boost agricultural output, and supplement this by planting thousands of fruit trees as part of our own CSR program. The foundation of our replanting will be the moringa and bamboo varieties of trees. These plants will be used to produce dozens of value-added products. For example, by sustainably harvesting the leaves off moringa trees, we will produce protein-rich animal feedstock, health food supplements, and quality natural soaps.

Third, we will then turn our sights to the eco-tourism market; Haiti has a spectacular natural landscape and beaches and once restored will be a beautiful tourist location.