Our challenge: Why Haiti?

Our challenge: Why Haiti?

Apart from Tim’s and Onel’s historic ties, there are several compelling reasons to use Haiti as a CSR and carbon offset hub.

First, Haiti desperately needs a large reforestation program. 98.5% of the nation is devoid of trees, causing soil erosion, flooding, landslides, loss of agricultural output and a general reduction in quality of life.

Second, Haiti has very high unemployment. This means we can affordably drive growth in communities by employing local’s reforestation programs, and in subsequent secondary industries.

Third, the political appetite in Haiti for a long-term reforestation partner is very high. Although with good intentions, when charitable run out of donations, so do their trees.

OsierCarbon plans to create a long-term, viable business in the CSR/carbon offset space based on Fortune 500 clients-meaning a long-term reforestation effort. Senior government ministers are excited by this approach and support our proposal.